Getting married in New York from a wedding photographers point of view
Wedding photographer in Copenhagen.
Remember your Copenhagen wedding photographer at you City Hall marriage

Love is cool and so are weddings. I love to work with people and wedding photography is my absolute favorite work. I don’t just take pictures, I tell a story. I am based in Copenhagen, but I do also travel to Oslo, Iceland, London, Paris, New York and where ever you want to take me. I’m always up for new destinations and new experiences.

Besides telling stories it is also important for me to paint the picture. It is easy to photograph every kiss, every guest and every detail, but to me, it is more important to capture how the day feels and which emotions you went through. I strive to capture raw emotions, real personalities and frame it in beautiful locations.

Weddings are filled with love and I feel blessed to have the opportunity to be surrounded by loving and happy people and couples. Every tears of joy, every hugs filled with love and all the wonderful people I meet at weddings makes me happy. I get to put all of it into a series of photos and sprinkle my magic in the darkroom on my computer.