Julia & Jacob

Julia is from New York and Jacob is from Denmark. They meet each other in the city that never sleeps and got married in Copenhagen - in the middle of the city. You could easily feel, that they got a lot of love from their friends and family, since both came from around the world just to attend their wedding. Below is a few photos from their portrait session. The photos was taken on the streets of Copenhagen and at the restaurant - The Address in Hellerup

Julia arriving with her cool umbrella

Bride and groom holding hands in the cold

The newly wedd are being intimate on the photo

Julia touching Jacobs cheak with love and warmth

Groom kisses the bride on the cheak in Copenhagen

Details of the bride's weddingdress in Copenhagen

The groom kisses the brides hands to keep them warm

Photo session in the church

Having a break and taking photos at the restaurant - The Address in Helleup

Couple holding hands and walking at the boardwalk in Hellerup

Bride and friends having fun