Prices on wedding photography

Before the big day, many things have to be in place. Besides booking music, restaurant/venue and getting the right dress, the day also has to be documented and immortalized. Finding a photographer is hard and the price and quality has to match, but even so the photographer is a big part of the day and you will get images that last forever, while the party, food, music and decorations will be gone the day after. You actually don’t buy the pictures but invest in the pictures!

About a month before the wedding, we will have a meeting about your ideas and wishes. We will talk about your day and what you guys like of wedding portraits. Remember to give the photographer at least 1 hour for the wedding portraits. It is sad to say, that many couples do not prioritize the wedding portrait and would rather spend 1 hour extra on the guests, but to me and when you look back at the wedding, the portraits will be the ones that stand out most and make you most happy. So if you can, set a side at least 1 hour excluding transport for the wedding portraits. Besides, you have the rest of the day to spend with your guests while that 1 hour is the only time where you are actually alone together so enjoy the photoshoot and enjoy your alone time, before the party starts.

I only offer full days weddings for jobs outside of Denmark. Whole day weddings is from around 01:00 PM – 12 PM. Photos of the preparation before 01:00 PM can be bought additionally. I deliver around 350-500 edited photos for a full day wedding. If you wish preparation photos I will deliver around 50 images extra. For more info on a full day wedding, look below. Beside these packages I also offer City hall / Copenhagen municipality marriage photography. Look under prices for wedding in Denmark

Full day wedding coverage:

♥ Candid photos before the wedding ceremony of guests, church etc.
♥ Candid photos of you getting married
♥ Candid photos of friends and family congratulating you
♥ Photos of the reception, cake, gifts, decorations and etc.
♥ Photos of the restaurant, decorations and etc.
♥ Portrait of the guests.
♥ Detailed photos of ring, flowers, suit and dress
♥ 1.5 hours portraitphoto at your preferred location (incl. transport time)
♥ Candid photos under dinner, speeches and bits.
♥ Candid photos of kisses, smiles, laughs and joy.
♥ Candid photos of dances and of the dancefloor.
♥ Between 350-500 edited images

★ Extra: Preparation photos USD 400 / EUR 350
★ Extra: All unedited photos, 1000-1600 photos – USD 400 / EUR 350
★ Extra: Photobook – USD 500 / €EUR 450

Fullday wedding price