Wedding ceremony

When walking down the isle, a lot of emotions and thoughts go through your body and mind. You feel anxious, nervous and happy at the same time. Your dad is giving you away and the man you will be married to the rest of your life stands at the alter waiting for you. This part of the day is very important and that is why your photographer needs to be very sharp and get every important details. When you arrive and before you walk down the isle, I will briefly tell you what is going to happen, so that we get the best photos possible. This way, you will feel prepared and ready to walk down the isle with your dad less nervous. So far I cover destinations such as Scandinavia, Iceland, Europe and New York. So far I have traveled to many places, such as London, Berlin, Barcelona, Paris, Norway and New York and love travelling so if you need a me to cover your wedding, dont hesitate to write me an e-mail.

Wedding reception

After the wedding ceremony we move on to the wedding reception, where I will follow you and capture the relaxed and joyfull atmosphere. Here I will take photos of the guests socializing and the drinks and food that is served. The wedding cake is one of the highlights at the reception and detailed pictures of the cake will also be taken.

Wedding guests

How did your guest look at your wedding and what did they wear and who were they with at the time of your wedding? Before the wedding, we will meet and have a talk about when to take the guests portrait. I usually take the guest portraits when your guest arrive at the church or before the beginning of the dinner.

Wedding portraits

When I take wedding portraits, I do it with a touch of photojournalism, fine art, landscape photography and a hint of fashion. When mixed together, you will get the most stunning photos. Since it is normal people I shoot and not fashion models, I will direct you from the start to the end of the photo session. To get the most genuine wedding portraits, I will let you be you and only direct you little, so you can relax and have fun. The photo session is an experience in itself so please set a side 1-2 hours for your portraits. This part of the day is my favorite, since I can let my imagination and creativity take over. When shooting in a foreign country I get even more inspired by the beautiful landscapes and buildings and that is why I love to travel to different places such as Iceland, Oslo, London, Berlin, Hamburg, Paris and Barcelona. Other destination is also of interest, so please contact me if you have other places in mind.

Wedding party

At the wedding party, there are speeches, games, dance and creative bits and it all has to be photographed. When I walk around and take photos, I do it quietly and unnoticeably so you will not know that I am there. My approach is simple and it is about capturing the in-between-moments, where tears, laughter and joy all come together.