Wedding at Frederiksberg City Hall

You have to mail by post or deliver the declaration of marriage (cannot be scanned or sent by E-mail) and necessary documentation to the Wedding Office at least three days before your marriage. When the wedding Office has received and approved your documents, you will receive information about the exact time of your wedding, practical information as well as information about the wedding hall's beautiful decor.

Marriage will be held on the following days and hours: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 11 AM and 2 PM. On Fridays and Saturdays at 11 AM. On your marriage declaration you have to inform if you want to get married at 11 AM or 14 PM. You can find the declaration of marriage on Frederiksberg's municipality webpage.

On Saturdays, you can only use the main entrance of the City Hall to enter. If there is wheelchair users among wedding couples or guests, the Wedding Office can make sure that the entrance at Frederiksberg Bredegade is opened. This must be arranged in advance with the Wedding Office.

The ceremony must be witnessed by two witnesses. On weekdays Frederiksberg will arrange two witnesses for you. On Saturdays Frederiksberg can only offer one witness. This means that you must bring at least one witness to the wedding on Saturdays.

Immediately after the ceremony, you get handed your marriagelicense.

Getting married with a foreigner

Foreigners living abroad must present passport, proof of legal residence (not Nordic and EU citizens), usually a civil status certificate (certificate if you are unmarried, divorced, widowed) from the country you are living in. The certificate shall be issued within the last 4 months of flight ticket from entry to Denmark (except Nordic and EU citizens).

For more information, visit Frederikberg's website.