I grew up in Copenhagen in Denmark where I met the woman of my life. We got married in 2015 in New York and are now planning to start a family. Today I live in Copenhagen where I am currently based. I primarily work as a destination wedding photographer and are therefore constantly located in different countries. You can always contact me to check where I am in the world. I might just be in your country. Right now I spend time in New York and in Europe. I am ocasionally also on Iceland.
Personally I love to run, do fitness, eat, travel, meet new people and get inspired by my surroundings. Great company and great food is what life is about.

My approach and style

My approach to wedding photography is actually quite simple. I am not just a wedding photographer; I am also storyteller and a painter.

I strive to capture raw emotion, passion and genuine personalities. Some people have difficulty in showing emotions or expressing themselves. As a wedding photographer I create a warm and natural environment so you do not have to worry about how you look on the images. This way you can relax, enjoy the moment and most importantly be able to share your feelings and expression in the most genuine and natural way.

I photograph mostly under natural light, since natural light is very flattering for skin tones and gives a soft dreamy effect to the photo. The best light is either at sundown or on cloudy days. Since we cannot forecast the weather it is also possible to shoot on indoor locations or under forest trees where the light also is soft.

When planning your day, please allow minimum 1 hour excluding transportation for your portrait photography. This time of the day you will be alone with me and it will be the only time of the day, where you are by yourself, so relax and enjoy yourself, before the party starts. If you can, we will also have in-between photo sessions between meals. This is typically the time of the day, where the sun is setting. The most flattering light and photos are conceived at sunset.


I shoot with a Canon 5D MK III and a Canon 5d MK II. Besides those two powerhouses I have multiple lenses, such as the Sigma 35 mm 1.4, Canon 50 mm 1.4, Sigma 85 mm 1.4 and Canon 135 mm 2.0. Besides the photo equipment I also have multiple CF cards and batteries. I always have backup gear and do not take chances!

Why a wedding photographer?

A lot of things have to be prepared at your wedding. The dress has to be beautiful and fitted several times. The right place for your wedding has to be booked and the right wedding menu has to be chosen. Many things happen on the day and to remember it all, it will only be ideal to have a wedding photographer to capture every moment. Every tears, laughs and happy moments is recorded and saved forever digitally.

Remember, that the photos do not only show your love and marriage to each other, but also your personality in your decorations, your hard work in preparation and sense for detail.

I have many years of experience as a wedding photographer and have specialized in wedding photography. I love to travel and work anywhere in the world. I cover mostly Europe, Scandinavia and New York, but I also travel to other places. The main locations that I travel to are New York, Coepnhagen, Oslo, Malmö, London, Paris, Barcelona, Iceland and Berlin. Let me know, if you want me to cover other countries and cities.