Getting married in Copenhagen city hall

Documents and payments

The following documents and the notice of marriage form including the receipt for payment of the marriage fee must be submitted together, preferably attached to an e-mail as pdf-files.

You must present the documents personally at Copenhagen City Hall at least one working day before the scheduled wedding. Copenhagen City hall will give you specific information before your wedding.

1. Personal Identification

A copy of the picture page of your passport. Residence permit if you are a foreigner or a EU-citizen that live in Denmark. Residence permit, visa, or proof of entry in Denmark or Schengen

2. Issued Personal Certificates

Certificate or documentation of marital status. The certificate of marital status has to be less than four months old when presenting it, and you have to state your: name, date of birth, date of birth, current address, current address, current address and current address.

3. Examination fee

A proof of payment (examination fee) must be sent together with the marriage application. The fee is 500 DKK (app. EUR 70) (2015). The examination fee must only be paid if neither of you are registered or live in Denmark with an address.

For more information, visit Copenhagen's municipality website.